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Your Nomad Assistance team has been working hard these last months. We’re now ready with a new brand and re-shaped offer of travel insurance.

Why does Nomad Assistance become Qover-me?

We want to do our utmost to satisfy our travellers’ needs. We have heard you! We are now back with a wider range of travel insurance plans. You can be covered from a super short city trip to an Erasmus gap year. 

And we haven’t only dreamt of travelling… Qover-me has the ambition to widen the offer of digital insurances, starting with a brand new bike insurance to protect your e-bike against theft and material damages.

What happened to my Nomad Assistance favourite agent?

No worries, our dream team is still here to answer your questions! And we will still receive your calls to 02 588 25 10 as well as your emails to and manage your claims requests in case of incident.

And what does it mean for me as a Nomad Assistance customer?

Until the end date of your contract:... exactly nothing! You remain fully covered and can enjoy travels to the fullest with the protection of Nomad Assistance.

However, given the discontinuation of the Nomad Assistance insurance product, your contract will have to be terminated, at the latest, at your next renewal date in 2021. You may have already received or will soon receive a letter from us to inform you about the exact date of this termination. No worries, you will always be informed at least 3 months before the final end date of your contract.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for further information.

… Curious about our new website?

Visit Qover-me

In case of an incident

If an incident occurs during your holiday:
First of all, ensure you are safe and/or call the emergency services. If you have been a victim of theft, you need to go to the police and file a statement.
If the incident is not serious and does not require emergency assistance, you can file your claim online in 5 minutes.
Our experts will process your claim as soon as possible to determine the amount of your compensation. This is a simple and fast process.
In the event of a serious incident*, call directly +32 2 773 62 08.
The experts of our partner Allianz Assistance will give your claim absolute priority and will do what is required to help you.
* The following are considered to be serious incidents requiring emergency assistance: a medical or dental emergency during your stay abroad; search, rescue or repatriation of one of the insured persons; assistance further to a crisis event (assistance resulting from a critical event: natural disaster, terrorist incident, etc.); assistance following a death.
File your claim

Contact us

Our dream team is there to assist you Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00.
In the event of any emergency during your trip, call the Helpline of our partner Allianz Assistance (available 24/7) at: +32 2 773 62 08.
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